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Asphalt patching is essential for repairing and maintaining paved surfaces damaged by weather, traffic, or other factors. Property owners need an experienced paving company like Prime Asphalt to get the most out of this repair service.

Many commercial properties, shopping centers, and residential communities in the Kansas City Missouri area rely on our expert paving contractors for reliable pavement maintenance and repair services.

Prime Asphalt: Patching Services for Kansas City, MO Property Owners

We use the best asphalt repair techniques and top-quality materials to enhance the performance and lifespan of your pavement.

Skin Patching

Also known as surface patching, this is a widely used method for asphalt repairs on parking lots and driveways. This process involves applying an adhesive and a thin layer of hot asphalt emulsion on top of the damaged pavement. Benefits of surface or skin patching include:

Saw Cut and Removal

For severely damaged or areas with substantial wear and tear, a method called “saw cut and removal” is the best solution. This process involves cutting out the damaged area and removing and replacing damaged pavement in a certain area with hot-mix asphalt. Benefits include:

Infrared Asphalt Repairs

Utilizing an infrared heating machine, this method warms the damaged area so that new materials will melt into the existing pavement, ensuring a smooth, durable repair suitable for high-traffic areas. If the pothole or depression has lost too much material, millings or other materials can fill in the gaps. This process not only fixes the damage but also restores the surface to its original condition. Benefits include:

Cold Patching

Cold patching is a versatile asphalt repair method made from various polymers. This material can be used in any weather conditions, even right after rain, and poured into water-filled potholes, making it ideal for emergency repairs. However, the area must be cleared of dirt, soil, rocks, plant material, and other loose debris before application. Benefits include:

Why Choose Prime Asphalt for Proven Patching Techniques and Long-Lasting Repairs

Contact Prime Asphalt today to learn more about our asphalt patching services and how we can help maintain your pavement in top condition. Let us extend the life of your paved surfaces with our expert repair solutions.


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