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Prime Asphalt is the leading catch basin and concrete drain installation and repair provider in the greater Kansas City area. With nearly 30 years of asphalt and concrete paving experience, we ensure your drainage systems are efficient and effective, preventing water damage and flooding on your property.

Is Your Missouri Catch Basin Protecting Your Pavement?

Catch basins, often called storm drains, are vital for managing runoff from paved surfaces, preventing water accumulation, and directing water into the storm sewer system. These systems capture water from areas like parking lots and roads, channeling it away to maintain the integrity of your pavement and surrounding infrastructure.

Common Problems with Catch Basins

Catch basins can deteriorate over time due to continuous water flow. Cracks can develop in the basin, leading to leaks and voids beneath the structure. In regions with seasonal temperature changes, frost heave can worsen these issues. Water seeps under the basin, freezes and expands, then melts, leaving gaps that cause the basin to settle and create surface holes.

Prime Asphalt’s Drainage Solutions

Our experienced concrete team specializes in comprehensive drainage solutions for all types of properties, including:

Prime Asphalt: Pavement Drainage Experts Serving Kansas City Are Communities

With almost three decades of experience, Prime Asphalt is committed to delivering high-quality drainage solutions and exceptional customer service. Our skilled team uses top-grade materials and innovative techniques, working closely with construction contractors to complete projects efficiently and within budget.

Contact Prime Asphalt today to learn more about our catch basin and concrete drain services. Let us help you protect your property from water damage with our expert drainage solutions.


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