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Parking lots face heavy use and various damaging conditions such as rain, oil leaks, salt, and excessive weight. These factors can cause discoloration, cracks, and potholes over time, but Pennsylvania property managers have a commercial paving contractor to help them get their properties back in order.

Prime Asphalt: Parking Lot Repairs Tailored to KC Metro Businesses

When your lot shows signs of wear, our paving company will help with a full suite of services to fix common issues like potholes without headaches for the property owner. Our decades of experience show us how to take care of all aspects of commercial pavement rehabilitation.

Here’s what we can do for your Kansas City area business!

Effective Patching: Puddle and Pothole Solutions

Potholes are a frequent problem on paved surfaces, often caused by heavy traffic and weather. Left unattended, they can lead to more extensive damage. We offer efficient puddle and pothole repair using cold mix asphalt to ensure a smooth and safe parking lot.

Comprehensive Resurfacing: Milling and Overlay

When patching isn’t enough, but the subgrade remains intact, resurfacing is the ideal solution. This involves applying a new layer of hot asphalt over the existing surface. For larger areas, we use milling to grind down the damaged layer, creating a smooth base for paving. This process is cost-effective and eco-friendly, allowing for recycling the old pavement.

Crack Repair: Filling and Sealing

Cracks in asphalt can worsen if not repaired promptly. We offer crack filling and sealing to prevent further damage and improve your pavement’s function and appearance.

Protective Sealcoating

Sealcoating provides a nonabrasive, watertight layer that protects your parking lot from weather and wear, restoring appearance and replenishing essential oils. It also fills small cracks, creating a barrier against water, sun, and oil damage and extending the life of your paved surface.

Clear Parking Lot Striping

It is crucial to refresh faded traffic paint with parking lot striping after repairs and sealcoating. Proper line striping enhances your lot’s look and safety, ensuring clear, organized parking and compliance with ADA standards.

Prime Asphalt: Serving the Kansas City Area with Cost-Effective Pavement Maintenace, Repair, and Installation

For reliable asphalt parking lot repair, including patching, resurfacing, crack repair, sealcoating, and striping, trust Prime Asphalt.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial paving services and keep your parking lot in excellent condition!


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